Ship Agency

We provide a high level agency services at cost-effective conditions. We, as a company owner and operator of the fleet better than anyone conscious of the importance of agency services to shipping and effectively use the experience gained over 7 years work with its own fleet and fleet of our clients. Our agency department, it is a young, highly qualified team of specialists in the field of marine services.

  • 24 hours at work and communication, using all modern types of communication. The availability of operational offices of the company in close proximity to the ports (Aktau, Kuryk, Bautino, Atyrau).


  • Control of port and cargo operations, to avoid downtime of the ship.


  • Established contacts in all the ports of Kazakhstan allow quickly solve any tasks for the smoothest settlement of formalities with government and port services involved in the process of handling the vessel in the port.


  • Representation and protection of interests of the ship owner company (consignor), including in contingency / emergency. Draw up of shipping documents related to the calculation of lay time in the interest of the ship owner. Control of the rates and tariffs in the invoices is to prevent unreasoned expenses.


  • Organization of crew shift with complete migration registration formalities. Selection of optimal routes is to reduce the cost of repatriation. In the case of waiting for berthing, accommodation of new coming crew members in their own rest rooms, equipped with all necessary facilities for up to 24 hours – free of charge.


  • Consulting and practical assistance to the captain and crew in all matters arising during the stay in the port, supply of transportation.


  • Ensure proper medical care of the crew, if necessary.


  • Draw up sanitary, fire certificates in the case of expiry of validity. Organization of RMRS survey and diving inspection.


  • Assisting in pilotage of the vessel to the port, hiring of tug boats, mooring operations. Arrangement of delivery of shipboard pollutants including the use of its own fleet.