Receipt and disposal of shipboard wastes, cleaning of holds

The company carries out receipt and disposal of shipboard wastes:

  • Bilge water
  • Sanitary waste water
  • Household wastes
  • Dry wastes (garbage)
  • Used oil
  • Oily water

Generation of wastes is a natural and inevitable process, also in maritime operations.
One of the activities of the company is to receive and dispose all types of ship-generated wastes. Waste collection is done by its own fleet at anchorage and on the quays. Dispose of oily wastes is performed on the specialized equipment of our partners. Aware of the sensibility of the ecosystem of the Caspian Sea and the responsibility in the matter of environment conservation, the company strives to meet the environmental requirements of the legislation. When carrying out operations on receipt of ship-generated wastes, crews and employees of the company follow the rules and recommendations of the International Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment – MORPOL 73/78, as well as the company’s policy in the field of environmental protection. The company has developed and successfully operates a system of labor protection and environmental protection, meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.